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Gibson Fiberglass joins Jushi Group, becomes Jushi USA

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Gibson Fiberglass, acquired by Jushi Group, has been renamed Jushi USA and will be a wholly owned subsidiary.


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Zhang Yuqiang, chairman of China Fiberglass and president of Jushi Group, has announced the finalization of the acquisition of Gibson Fiberglass (Irwindale, Calif., USA) by Jushi Group. The new company, Jushi USA, will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Jushi Group. Jushi USA joins the global network of other Jushi subsidiaries in Canada, France, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Singapore, South Africa, and Spain.

Alan Gardiner, chief operating officer, will head up the Jushi USA management team. He is also the president of Jushi Canada. He says, “We look forward to a new level of service to our customers in the U.S. Being part of the Jushi Group allows us access to a significant amount of technical and administrative resources which will support our ability to provide world class products and services to the growing reinforced composites market.”



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