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10/25/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Gardner Intelligence’s Industrial Buying Influence (IBI) survey now open

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The survey identifies trends and best practices in industrial sales and marketing, and remains open to manufacturing professionals until Nov. 4.


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Gardner Intelligence industrial buying influence survey


Leading industrial manufacturing market research firm, Gardner Intelligence, has opened the fifth installment of its Industrial Buying Influence survey, and it is currently available to all manufacturing professionals involved in their facility’s purchase process for machinery, materials, software and related products.

Take the 2019 Industrial Buying Influence survey at https://www.research.net/r/IBI-2019

First published in 2011 as “Media Usage in Manufacturing Facilities,” Gardner Intelligence’s Industrial Buying Influence (IBI) series is the most comprehensive analysis of how media and marketing impact the purchase process at discrete parts manufacturing facilities.

This year’s survey closely examines the industrial buying team. Specifically, the pace and the process by which buying teams evaluate, research and decide on purchases; and, how media and marketing influence and inform each stage of that process.

Discussing the 2019 Industrial Buying Influence survey, Gardner Intelligence’s Chief Data Officer, Steve Kline, Jr. notes, “With more information and more influences impacting how products and services are bought and sold, the relationship between industrial buyer and industrial seller is more complex now than ever before. Despite that, the industrial buying cycle remains one of unique and defined stages: discovery, research, evaluation and decision. This survey seeks to bring clarity to the buyer / seller relationship and to help inform industrial sales and marketing professionals how to best align their sales and marketing strategy with the industrial buying cycle.”

The survey will remain open through Monday, Nov. 4, and can be accessed directly at: https://www.research.net/r/IBI-2019. All responses are collected and remain anonymous.

For more information on this survey or on other Gardner Intelligence services, please visit www.gardnerintelligence.com .


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