Gamesa awards prizes to Bladeshield anti-icing and turbine inertia management system

Fourth Patents and Inventors Competition rewards two separate inventions and Gamesa professionals for key technology developments

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Gamesa's (Zamudio, Vizcaya, Spain) Patents and Inventors Competition is designed to acknowledge its employees' efforts to develop innovative new technology with the potential to set the company's technology offering apart from the competition. Its fourth edition recognized two patent pending inventions:  the Bladeshield anti-icing system, conceptualized by engineers María Yoldi, Rosario Ortigosa and Almudena Muñoz, and the inertia management system, devised by Francisco Jiménez Buendía, Gamesa's chief electrical engineer.

Bladeshield consists of an anti-freeze "paint" which not only prevents the formation of ice but also improves the coating's resistance to erosion, instead of reducing it as other solutions on the market tend to do.

The Bladeshield system results from an innovative procedure for obtaining the mixture, as the additive is dissolved first in the ideal dispersing agent and then in the paint base. The result is a homogenous mix that improves, even doubles, the paint's anti-erosion and durability properties. This new system is appropriate for application across all of the company's onshore and offshore platforms as well as on other OEMs' blades.

Thanks to the second awarded invention, the inertia management system, the wind turbines immediately inject the energy stored in the powertrain upon detecting a change of frequency in the power grid, where previously this did not happen until some 30 seconds after the disruptive event. Gamesa notes that this feature is already a grid connection requirement in certain markets, such as Canada, and is expected to be demanded in a growing number of countries in the future.

"The goal is to further improve wind turbine reliability and availability as part of our bid to continually bring down the cost of energy", said José Antonio Malumbres, Gamesa's Chief Technology Officer.