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5/26/2015 | 1 MINUTE READ

FRIMO to host TechDay in June

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Topics will include the current challenges of welding fiber composite components.


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FRIMO (Lotte, Germany) will sponsor its annual TechDay in Hamburg, Germany on June 11, which will feature a mix of speeches, a specialist exhibition and technology demonstrations.

The presentation session starts with a market overview presented by Suveni Sooriyapiragasam (IKV), which also will address current challenges, such as the welding of fiber composite components. Following this, Sönke Hinz and Helge Barkhoff of FRIMO will give an overview of the current state of contact welding (ultrasonic welding, hot plate welding or heat staking). In the field of non-contact welding, infrared welding has become more important as an innovative and effective solution for joining components in recent years.

Presentations by Albert Merz (FRIMO), Marios Constantinou (TU Chemnitz) and Robert Schampera (ContiTech) are primarily devoted to this welding process. The next session covers topics such as optimum design, the welding of MuCell and intelligent control technology.

After a panel discussion, in which moderator Michael Thielen will discuss several issues with experts, the technical discussions in the technology live exhibition will finish off the event. New possibilities for the welding of door panels, ultrasonic welding, heat staking and infrared welding will be on display in addition to newest quality assurance systems with infrared cameras.

Click here for more information and the full program.