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1/3/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

FRIMO hosted North American TechDay

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The event focused on polyurethane and composites technologies and featured technical presentations, technology demonstrations, partner supplier exhibitions and more.


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FRIMO Inc. hosted a North American Polyurethane and Composites Technologies Conference and Exhibition for its customers and partner suppliers on Nov. 17, 2016 at its Wixom, Mich. location.  The company says more than 100 participants representatives from over 40 different companies, from both automotive and non-automotive industries attended the conference.

The event was opened by FRIMP CEO Jeff Daily giving an outlook on future materials and processes. The presentation portion of the conference featured five FRIMO experts, as well as guest speakers from Creative Foam, Dow Chemical Co. and BASF Corp. The morning session began with Brent Gawne discussing PU processing solutions. David Swallow, president of Creative Foam Corporation then followed with a presentation on reasons for automating at a production level. Sante DiDonato followed with an overview on FRIMO mix heads. Two guest speakers from Dow, Parvinder Walia and Kelly Kiszka, gave presentations on 1K polyolefin spray skins from aqueous dispersion and enabling lightweighting via thin wall instrument panel PU foam. The morning session wrapped up with a presentation by Derek Roberts covering foam tooling.

The afternoon was started by Thomas Joachim, visiting from FRIMO Sontra in Germany. He discussed the advantages and potentials of composites technologies. BASF then gave a speech on low emissions chemistry. The presentation portion was ended by Tim Woody, who gave an overview of FRIMO’s service and spare parts capabilities, as well as the plans for expansion.

After presentations were wrapped up, the guests were taken back to see the most recently completed project: the FRIMO PURe Floor. The PURe Floor foam cell is a floor track conveyor system with metering unit and robotic pour used for the production of commercial and industrial vehicle polyurethane seating products. Guests could also see various other machines on the floor, including an IR Welding Machine, medium duty presses, Type 6 tool carriers, hydraulic punch press systems and PURe Mix polyurethane metering systems.


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