Flax fiber featured in new snowboard

XBoards' new BioBoard snowboard is said to be the first in the world made from Lineo's FlaxFlex fiber, which is said to provide uncommon shock-absorbing properties with good resiliency, strength and rider comfort.

XBoards (Petaluma, Calif., USA) reported on Jan. 24 that it has developed BioBoard, a new snowboard that features flax fiber reinforcements. The BioBoard reportedly combines shock-absorbing properties with improved resiliency and strength for superior performance and rider comfort.

The FlaxFlex technology, provided by French firm Lineo, is said to help reduce leg fatigue by ensuring consistent flex across the entire length of the board. Flax fiber is lower in density and provides superior vibration dampening properties compared to glass and carbon fiber, the most common snowboard reinforcements, XBoards reports. This means BioBoard riders can navigate uneven terrain more fluidly and with greater speed.

The BioBoard is the only commercially-available snowboard made from Lineo’s 100 percent renewable and biodegradable flax fabric. “We began with a simple question – if you were starting from scratch, how would you build a board that maximised performance while minimizing environmental impact?” says Isaac Gradman, CEO and co-founder of XBoards. “We realised we could harness the power of this all-natural material to create a superior riding experience without sacrificing strength or sustainability.”

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