First shipment of CFRP engine nacelle cascade from Nikkiso Miyazaki Factory

With 90 percent of the cascade market, Nikkiso opened its new factory in 2018 due to increased demand.
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Nikkiso Co. Ltd.’s (Tokyo, Japan) Miyazaki subsidiary recently celebrated the first shipment of its carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) engine nacelle aircraft cascades, built for the Airbus A320 neo.

According to the company, Nikkiso has grown to take over 90 percent of world’s market share of composite cascades since its first delivery in 1983. The component is said to play an important role in controlling thrust-reversed airflow for efficient and safe aircraft landings and helps enable the aircraft to land in a shorter distance. 

Nikkiso’s Miyazaki factory, completed in October 2018, adds capacity for cascade production in response to increasing demand. A shipment of cascades for Boeing is planned for this month, the company says.

Nikkiso Miyazaki’s mission is to use advanced manufacturing engineering to win
new programs for various components of the aircraft, and to continue on-time delivery of composite cascades.