Firehole partners with golf club maker UST Mamiya

Golf club shaft manufacturer UST Mamiya has partnered with Firehole Composites, developer of composites simulation and analysis software, to enhance in-house design tools.

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Golf club shaft manufacturer UST Mamiya (Ft. Worth, Texas, USA) reports that it has partnered with Firehole Composites (Laramie, Wyo., USA), developers of advanced solutions for composite simulation and analysis. The partnership will allow UST Mamiya to enhance exclusive in-house design tools and further advance the design and manufacturing of its high-performance golf shafts.

With manufacturing facilities in the U.S., China and Bangladesh and offices in the U.S. (California and Texas), Japan, Australia and Europe, UST Mamiya engineers work with club manufacturers around the world to create high-performance graphite shafts.

“UST Mamiya R&D places great significance on the Firehole/Design Book reconfiguration,” says Michael Guerrette, senior director of R&D (research and development). “The New Design Book will allow our engineers to broaden their band width in golf shaft designs and also catapult our design capabilities into other carbon fiber industries. We have confidence that the New Design Book capabilities will lead to innovative shaft designs that will bridge the gap between performance and technology. We believe that this leap in technology will give UST Mamiya a commanding presence in golf shaft industry.

For UST Mamiya, Firehole Composites will develop a customized add-on to CompositePro that will bring in the company’s unique and proprietary materials and design processes and make them available through a custom user interface. Firehole Composites will implement improvements to the legacy tool that will provide a more robust, more flexible and more consistent design tool for UST Mamiya engineers.

“This project hits on one of our key goals as a company,” said Jason Gies, vice president of Firehole. “We have found customers in a variety of industries that value the general utility of CompositePro. However, many companies have unique needs or analysis approaches that need to be retained. In developing custom add-ons, we can provide UST Mamiya the best of both worlds– the general functionality of Helius: CompositePro, plus the unique, custom design capability pivotal in their own design process.”