FACC to produce SMC interiors for A320

Airbus supplier invests in highly automated production line for new Airspace cabin entrance area using sheet molding compound
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FACC (Ried im Innkreis, Austria) has been supplying the A320 aircraft models with overhead stowage compartments and ceiling panels since 1990. It has now announced a new major contract with Airbus (Toulouse, France) to expand its strategic partnership for aircraft interiors. In addition to the Airspace XL bins (overhead stowage compartments), FACC will now supply the entrance area for the A320 aircraft family. This comprises the entire lining of the entrance area as well as the door area including the ceiling panels in the front, middle and rear sections of the aircraft.

This contract, valued at more than EUR 230 million, is based on FACC’s investment of several million euros in new sheet molding compound (SMC) technology and a highly automated production line. It will create 100 new jobs. The SMC technology generates a noticeable cost reduction compared to similar products manufactured using conventional processes. “Investing in the SMC production line will be worthwhile and we will subsequently also offer other applications and assemblies using this process,“ concluded Robert Machtlinger, CEO of FACC.

FACC develops and manufactures ready-to-install assembly modules equipped with various system components such as lighting systems, audio system or oxygen connections. FACC also provides the verification of approval.

The European aircraft manufacturer Airbus has been counting on FACC technology in its models for decades. Now, with the expansion and development of the A320 program package a new milestone has been reached in the longstanding partnership. “This continuation and expansion of the strategic partnership between Airbus and FACC is proof that we are further expanding our technology leadership. We deliver complete innovative solutions and our partner Airbus can place its confidence in us, our know-how, our customer orientation and our reliability,“ says Machtlinger,

Our product is the first component the passenger sees when boarding. First impressions count and we ensure that the unique aesthetics chosen by Airbus and the high feel-good ambience of the new airspace cabin are implemented in a technically high-quality design," explains Robert Braunsberger, FACC Vice President of Interiors.