FACC delivers first entrance area for A320 Airspace cabin

The delivery coincides with serial production ramp-up of the cabin components, which comprises the entire lining of the entrance and door area in the front, middle and rear sections of the aircraft. 
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Airspace A320 cabin entrance

Photo Credit: FACC

In mid-2018, Airbus (Toulouse, France) commissioned FACC AG (Reid im Innkreis, Austria) to develop and produce the complete entrance area of the Airspace cabin for the A320 models. It was reported on Nov. 6, 2020, that, after an intensive development phase, the first article parts were delivered to Airbus in Hamburg, Germany. Immediately after the first delivery, FACC says it will start the ramp-up of serial production.

"Airbus has placed its trust in FACC for the interiors of its A320 models. We have been working together as close partners for several years. I am delighted that we will be able to start series production shortly after delivery," reports Robert Machtlinger, CEO of FACC AG. The development work was carried out according to a tight schedule and considered very complex.

The cabin component comprises the entire lining of the entrance and door area in the front, middle and rear sections of the aircraft. FACC says it boasts a high-quality design, has a sophisticated appearance and is said to make important contributions to consistent weight optimization — thus, reducing service costs — with the incorporation of composite materials. Further, the integration a lighting system called "Hero Light" provides a pleasant atmosphere. 

The first shipset, delivered to Airbus in Hamburg, will be installed in a serial aircraft under the supervision of FACC. This will be followed by the ramp-up of series production. The scope of the project ranges from the development and the entire procurement to production and the associated logistics.