FACC attains EN 9110 MRO certification

With the attained EN 9110 certification, FACC has established itself as MRO general provider for all manufacturers and operators of aircraft.


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FACC earns EN 9110 certification

FACC CEO Robert Machtlinger and his team are proud of the successful EN 9110 certification. (In the photo from left to right Robert Machtlinger, Martin Eisner, Christian Strobl, Patrizia Schultes, Hubert Kern, Christian Mundigler). Photo Credit: FACC

Aviation and aerospace company FACC AG (Ried im Innkreis, Austria) recently obtained EN 9110 certification, officially certifying the company as a maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) company. With this quality seal, FACC says it can now fulfill the prerequisite for including aircraft components and systems of all manufacturers in its service portfolio. FACC adds that it is the only company in Austria that has been awarded this certification and is now part of a small circle of authorized specialist companies worldwide.

According to FACC, maintenance, repair and overhaul of aircraft components and systems are increasingly gaining importance in the aviation industry, and the EN 9110 further testifies to the high quality and expertise that FACC guarantees its customers.

"The technology behind aircraft is highly complex. For this reason, the demands placed on companies to be allowed to perform these MRO services are accordingly strict," explains Robert Machtlinger, CEO of FACC AG. "With the EN 9110 approval, FACC has been granted the highest international MRO certificate of competence. With this seal of quality we can now provide maintenance and repair for components and systems from all manufacturers.”

Further, FACC says it has now successfully established itself as a qualified Aftermarket Services partner on top of its core business, which is the development and production of lightweight components for the global aircraft industry. Additionally, with the existing official approvals of the European (EASA), the U.S. (FAA), the Canadian (TCCA) and the Chinese (CAAC) aviation authorities in Part 145 Maintenance and Repair, FACC positions itself with the attained EN 9110 certification as MRO general provider for all manufacturers and operators of aircraft.

“The EN 9110 certification marks an important milestone in this regard as it underpins our firm commitment to customer satisfaction, safety and high-quality services," emphasizes Christian Mundigler, VP FACC Aftermarket Services. "The certification is an important building block on this path. It underlines our strong commitment to customer satisfaction, safety and quality in our services.”

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