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7/28/2014 | 1 MINUTE READ

Express Composite Solutions doubles production space

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U.K.-based Express Composite Solutions has added a new Sahos Dynamic 5-axis CNC machine, doubling the capacity of the composites machining specialist.


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Express Composites Solutions (ECS, Towcester, Northhamptonshire, U.K.) reports that it has doubled its production space and purchased a new Sahos Dynamic 5-axis CNC machine, capable of producing components measuring 3m by 1.5m (9.8 ft by 4.9 ft).

This is the second CNC machine operational at ECS and enables 24/7 running. They can both cut aluminium as well as composites. The company had to restructure its working environment, leading to a doubling of production capacity. It now has 1,500 ft2/139m2 dedicated to composites tooling manufacture.

Since starting two years ago, ECS has built a client list comprised largely of F1 teams. Typical turn-around times from placing an order to delivery are about two days, depending on the complexity of the part. The company is now looking to enter other markets.

Andy Collins, director and co-founder of ECS, says: “The market is growing strongly and we have been taking on more and more work. Thanks to our fast turn-around times and high quality, our clients keep coming back for more. This new machine will enable us to continue delivering for our customers, week-in, week-out.”

David Damsell, director and co-founder of ECS, says: “ECS is developing a powerful reputation in motorsport. We are now seeking to widen our work into other industries. By re-organizing our working space, we have freed up an additional 600 ft2, which is giving us greater flexibility in delivering for an increasing number of composites companies.”


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