Exel Composites wins design award for telescoping pole

Exel's Exel Xtel System received a red dot award for a pultruded telescoping pole system.

The trademarked Exel Xtel System telescope series have been awarded the internationally acknowledged "red dot: best of the best"design award for 2008. The Exel Xtel System, produced by Exel Composites (Heinavaara, Finland), was awarded in a competition with more than 3,000 products from 51 countries. The international jury said the award highlights the company's creative and innovative force as well as the product's high quality.

The Exel Xtel System is a composite telescope series made to span applications from demanding measurement and testing equipment to high reaching cleaning and maintenance. The Xtel series is part of a product family ranging from two-part telescopic poles to 20m long mast constructions. The customers are manufacturers who utilize the telescopic poles in their equipment to create maximum benefit to their end user applications. The Exel Xtel System is built up from custom made composite profiles, using glass fiber reinforcement for electrical insulation or carbon fiber reinforcement for ultimate performance, and a series of ergonomically designed locking clamps.

In the design of the product special attention was focused on the ease of use and functionality.

The Exel Xtel System development team consisted of business development manager Riina Seppänen, Exel Composites vice president for development Kim Sjödahl, Exel Composites product manager Jari Ristola, Exel Composites mechanical engineer Petteri Salminen, and designer Jouni Salojärvi.