Energy Composites forms partnership with blademaker SST Technology

U.S.-based Energy Composites and Denmark-based SSP Technology will work together on blade design, mold fabrication and blade manufacturing.

Energy Composites Corp. (Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., USA) on Sept. 17 announced that it has entered into an agreement with SSP Technology A/S (Kirkeby, Denmark) with the purpose of entering into a strategic partnership and to establish a joint venture. This strategic alliance will support both companies’ efforts to supply competitive blades to wind turbine generators for North American customers.

SSP will offer customers the complete aerodynamic and structural design for blades and molds, production of prototype blades, and ramp-up of blade production based on the partnership with ECC. ECC will manufacture blades for all customers based either on the customer’s own design or a blade design developed via the partnership with SSP. The joint venture will manufacture molds and prefabricated root segments for both companies and their customers. 

With its base in Wisconsin Rapids, the joint venture is said to be well-situated in the midst of the upcoming Great Lakes/Midwest wind turbine market. In the coming years this region will set new demands and lead the market for turbine performance, blade size and manufacturing technologies. 

Jamie Mancl, ECC’s founder and president, said, “The cooperation between our two experienced and innovative companies will add significant value to the future offering of both companies to the global wind turbine suppliers serving the North American market. Each company can now offer truly unique solutions enabling our customers to be truly competitive.”

Søren Brouer, CEO of SSP, agrees. "As the turbine blades get larger, the need for intelligent and innovative blade design and blade production technologies grow, and with this partnership, both companies position themselves in the absolute lead among suppliers of both blade design and contractual blade manufacturing. This partnership allows us both to offer full range solutions to our global customers."