Energetx Composites ships set of wind blade molds to Spain

Michigan-based Energetx Composites has shipped a complete set of 45.3 wind blade molds to Spanish firm Aeroblade in Minano, Spain.

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Energetx Composites (Holland, Mich., USA) reported on May 25 that it is exporting a complete set of 45.3m/143-ft wind blade molds from its Michigan facility. The molds are shipping to Aeroblade, based in Minano, Spain. Energetx Composites is using an identical mold set in its Holland facility to manufacture the same 45.3m wind blade for the North American market.

The shipment brought together local companies to assist Energetx including Rockford Berge, Great Lakes Heavy Haul and Gelock Heavy Movers. Once the molds are delivered to Muskegon, they will be shipped to the Port of Bilbao in Spain.

Kelly Slikkers, vice president of business development, says, “We are excited to be exporting wind energy components to Europe. It is a testament to Michigan’s history of manufacturing excellence coupled with our state’s waterways that allow companies in Michigan to economically ship components internationally. We are also excited that this project has created more than 50 new jobs for the company and we plan to continue hiring throughout the summer.”

Energetx is currently manufacturing blades for the North American market and will be ramping up production in July.