ELG Carbon Fibre contributes recycled carbon fiber for racing boat

ELG has partnered with INEOS Team UK to incorporate recycled composite materials into the A375 racing boat.


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INEOS UK racing boat using recycled carbon fiber composites

Source | ELG Carbon Fibre


ELG Carbon Fibre (Coseley, U.K.) is partnering with the British sailing team INEOS Team UK to ensure sustainable materials and practices are incorporated into The America’s Cup 2021 build program. Specifically, ELG's recycled carbon fiber materials will be used in the production of the AC75 boat that will compete in Auckland in 2021.

ELG has been a technical supplier to INEOS Team UK since 2018, and has reportedly processed 1,000 kilograms of carbon fiber manufacturing waste and end-of-use parts for the British Challengers.

From ELG’s specialist facility in the West Midlands, INEOS Team UK’s recovered fibers are converted into milled and chopped products to make thermoset and thermoplastic compounds and nonwoven mats. According to ELG, its recycled nonwoven materials have been used in the production of two cradles to support the AC75 during transit, as well as the hull and deck molds for the boat.

ELG’s technicians have reportedly conducted a range of fiber characterization analyses on INEOS Team UK’s feedstock. Every batch of material that is processed is also given a classification to support traceability and consistency in the fibers recovered, and therefore in the final product. All these processes are said to adhere to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and EN 9100:2016 quality standards.

Both organizations say they view this partnership as a vital step in addressing the issue of global carbon consumption and raising awareness of the urgent need to move towards closed loop recycling within the marine industry.

“The reuse of carbon fiber products is a real game changer,” says Alan Boot, naval architect for INEOS Team UK. “We are diverting waste away from landfill and closing the loop in our production methods wherever possible. ELG’s products have fitted seamlessly into our manufacturing processes which demonstrates how successfully these materials can be in a range of commercial markets. This is a really exciting time in terms of boat production and will hopefully lead the way for other manufacturers to follow suit.”

ELG’s recycled carbon fiber products are helping to support the vital message of sustainability in elite sport and that is something we are very proud to be associated with,” says Frazer Barnes, ELG Carbon Fibre’s managing director.

INEOS Team UK AC75 Boat 1 will be launched this summer.

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