Edra launches line of composite modular structures

Measuring 3.2m by 6m and featuring composites over a steel superstructure, the e.modular is designed for retail, commercial and showroom applications.

Edra Equipamentos (Ipeúna, Brazil), the largest manufacturer of automatic teller machines (ATMs) in Brazil, reports that it is diversifying its portfolio, and the first product it has developed is intended for the construction industry. Called e.modular, it is a multipurpose module for commercial applications. It can be used as an itinerant shop, for the showroom of real estate developers, cafeterias, help desk in events and even self-service banking kiosks, among others. 

The e.modular is 3.2m/10.5 ft wide and 6m/19.7 ft long, with a steel structure covered with composite walls and ceiling. The resin used for molding the composite plates is partially derived from renewable and recyclable sources, such as oil plants and PET bottles, respectively. The floor is also sustainable: it is made of plastic wood, and comprises more than 90 percent of discarded packaging waste.

During the day, the natural lighting of the e.modular is ensured by a system called Solatube, which captures and diffuses the light in the environment. To reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning, Edra Equipamentos applied special 3M (St. Paul, Minn., USA) film on all glass surfaces, which prevents the passage of more than 80 percent of infrared rays.

The e.modular includes a wheelchair ramp, automatic doors and adapted bathrooms, in addition to sites for the installation of panels with Braille instructions.

“The design is both externally and internally modular. This means that users are totally free to define how they want to use the spaces. Not to mention that it is possible to overlap the modules, creating two or more floors,” says Jorge Braescher, president of Edra Equipamentos.