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5/28/2013 | 1 MINUTE READ

DSM Dyneema fiber used to help crown Freedom Tower

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DSM Dyneema UHMWPE fiber is used in Slingmax Twin-Path High Performance Slings that helped lift the 408-ft silver spire atop the Freedom Tower in New York City.


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DSM Dyneema LLC (Stanley, N.C., USA), manufacturer of ultrahigh-molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber, branded as Dyneema, on May 23 congratulated Slingmax and ASC Industries on their role in the crowning of One World Trade Center, Freedom Tower (New York, N.Y.), with the use of Slingmax Twin-Path High Performance Slings.

Made with Dyneema fiber, the slings were used to cradle the spire, and carefully lift it into place at the peak of the building. The addition of the 408-ft/124.4m silver spire brought Freedom Tower to its full height, a symbolic 1,776 ft/541.3m, making Freedom Tower the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere.

Slingmax’s Twin-Path High Performance Slings are made of a blend of high0-performance fibers, a large part Dyneema, and are said to be the most advanced slings on the market today. They fuse state-of-the-art materials with proprietary technology to create a product of unprecedented safety and performance.

As a supplier to Slingmax, DSM Dyneema says it is proud of its partners’ role in this historic and patriotic moment for the United States of America. DSM Dyneema thanks Slingmax for their trust in using Dyneema in these state-of-the-art roundslings.

“We are honored to have been a part of the construction of One World Trade Center, an iconic symbol of American strength and resilience, through our partners Slingmax and ASC Industries,” says Christian Widdershoven, vice president marketing and sales, DSM Dyneema Business Group. “After the terrible events of 9/11, DSM Dyneema supplied fiber and sheet materials to its customers for the manufacture of ballistic protection products for troops, homeland security and other emergency responders. Today, we are immensely pleased to have played a role in the construction of a symbol of triumph over those dark events, a historic moment for America and the world.”

In addition to the lightweight strength of Dyneema fiber, unsurpassed abrasion resistance and low stretch properties, Slingmax roundslings offer the Check-Fast Inspection System that warns users of overload conditions before damage occurs, fiber optic inspection to detect early warning signs of damage, redundant protection delivered by two independently functioning slings in one,length tolerances of less than 1 percent, and unmatched repairability. More than 90 percent of damaged TPXC slings can be repaired.