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5/13/2015 | 1 MINUTE READ

DSM Dyneema buys Cubic Tech Corp.

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Cubic Tech will be fully integrated into DSM Dyneema and all employees of Cubic Tech are being invited to stay on after the acquisition.

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DSM Dyneema (Geleen, The Netherlands) has acquired Cubic Tech Corp. (Mesa, AZ, US), a company that produces high performance ultra-lightweight flexible laminates and fabrics. Cubic Tech is focused on solutions in applications such as racing yacht sails, equipment and apparel for sportswear, outdoor and future soldier programs as well as emergency medical equipment.

The acquisition of Cubic Tech will broaden DSM Dyneema’s product portfolio and provides it with downstream knowledge complementary to its own in the processing of UHMwPE fiber, tape and production of uni- directional (UD) fabrics and enhances the company’s innovation pipeline. The acquisition of Cubic Tech accelerates DSM Dyneema’s entry into the performance apparel markets and will add important new revenue streams and developments in existing markets as well as creating access to several new applications.

Adding Cubic Tech to its portfolio also strengthens DSM Dyneema’s commitment to offer sustainable solutions, enabling the replacement of traditional materials with new and innovative products that are lighter, stronger, more durable and which have reduced environmental impact.

“The acquisition of Cubic Tech is an important part of our strategy to create, and bring to market, products and services that improve the quality of life while enabling our customers to operate their businesses more successfully,” said Gerard de Reuver, president of DSM Dyneema. “We have worked closely with Cubic Tech as a valued customer for many years, so we know that the two companies have a shared passion for innovation. I believe Cubic Tech’s way of working, its solutions-oriented and tailored approach to developing products for its customers, is in the spirit of the DSM Dyneema philosophy ‘With you when it matters.’”

Cubic Tech’s technology has been developed and refined over two decades of research and development, originating with the development of racing sails used in the America’s Cup in 1992.

Cubic Tech will be fully integrated into DSM Dyneema and all employees of Cubic Tech are being invited to stay on after the acquisition. 


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