DSM Acquires Part of Clariant’s 3D Printing Business Portfolio

The agreement allows DSM to offer customers rapid product development iterations for filaments and pellets based on application needs.


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Clariant filament

DSM is now the home for parts of Clariant’s tailored 3D printing materials business.

DSM and Clariant came to an agreement for DSM to take over certain parts of Clariant’s 3D printing business portfolio. 

A DSM spokesperson told Plastics Technology that the former Clariant 3D printing team members are specialized in fast and market-driven product development using a dedicated, highly flexible and high-speed compounding setup.

“As additive manufacturing technology is increasingly adopted for industrial production, customers are looking for engineering grade materials to match their existing product portfolio and production processes – and often their product cycles are short. The experience of the former Clariant team will allow DSM to shorten the timeframe for product adjustments (color, minor modifications, quick screening) and allow to serve customers faster, and enable fast scale-up of those products on the former Clariant production line,” the spokesperson said. 

The transaction includes part of Clariant 3D printing team, selection of their portfolio and pipeline of engineering-grade filament and pellet materials and customer relations, expertise in powder development, and a small production line for fast ramp-up of small batches.

Regarding which plastic resins are the acquired Clariant 3D printing materials based on, DSM said they currently reviewing the portfolio and deciding how this aligns with its existing portfolio.

“After thorough strategic review, Clariant concluded that its 3D printing materials business was no longer aligned with its strategic focus. While we will continue to serve the 3D printing market with our high quality additives and flame retardants, we are confident that DSM is the ideal new home for parts of Clariant’s tailored 3D printing materials business to continue its successful development. I look forward to seeing them thrive,“ said Richard Haldimann, head of sustainability transformation at Clariant.