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2/5/2016 | 1 MINUTE READ

DolphiTech, Sonatest sign distribution agreement

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Sonatest will market DolphiTech’s SonaCam ultrasound inspection camera.

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DolphiTech (Raufoss, Norway) and Sonatest (Milton Keynes, UK) have signed a global distribution agreement where Sonatest will market a specially branded version of DolphiTech ultrasound inspection camera. The SonaCam is a mobile and ergonomic ultrasound camera system designed for NDT inspection of CFRP. A dry and wet transducer technology creates 2D and 3D images of suspected damage areas to verify the status of the material, and helps manufacturing and service personnel to perform effective QA and to develop the best repair strategy for a damage.

“Sonatest sees the DolphiCam technology and products as a great supplement in our existing product line, said Ron Sidney, global sales director at Sonatest. “Combined with our Phased Array products, we now have DolphiTech that not only complements but offers new and exciting inspection solutions for composites. We see a huge potential for the SonaCam, and are keen to present this innovative technology to our customers.”

 “The NDT business is changing, and there is a huge interest for matrix transducers with easy-to-use ultrasound cameras that even non-experts can use. We are excited about the partner agreement with Sonatest, they are ultrasound experts and have an impressive presence in the global NDT market. This is a great opportunity for DolphiTech,” said Jan Olav Endrerud, CEO of DolphiTech. 


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