Diehl Aviation selects Altair as preferred strategic CAE supplier

According to the agreement, Altair’s computer-aided engineering (CAE) software will be Diehl Aviation’s preferred solver for at least three years.


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Altair (Troy, Mich., U.S.) and Diehl Aviation (Laupheim, Germany) have announced a multiyear agreement establishing Altair as Diehl Aviation’s preferred strategic computer-aided engineering (CAE) supplier. According to the agreement, Altair OptiStruct will serve as the primary solver for structural justification and certification, Altair AcuSolve as the preferred solver for CFD and the Altair HyperWorks suite as the standard for modeling and visualization.

The reported overall goal of the agreement is compliance with Diehl Aviation’s CAE single strategic provider consolidation strategy. The company also aims to use Altair solutions, technologies and aerospace expertise to meet current and next-generation requirements for its growing CAE user base.

“We are happy that Altair has been selected as preferred strategic CAE supplier and we look forward to helping Diehl Aviation meet their engineering challenges over the next three years and beyond,” says Anthony McLoughlin, sales director for aerospace at Altair Engineering. “In particular, this decision demonstrates the accelerating momentum of OptiStruct becoming the next-generation solver standard for structural certification in aerospace. Standing out with its integrated analysis and optimization approach, OptiStruct is helping aerospace engineers move to the next level by performing reliable structural justification faster while at the same time producing better and more robust designs.”

“Altair has a proven standing in the aerospace industry, and its modeling and visualization tools are industry standard, says Veit Thomas, head of stress/weight/simulation at Diehl Aviation. “With Altair's expertise and next-generation solver solutions, we are confident that going forward with Altair as our primary strategic CAE partner is the right choice.”


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