Diamond-coated parabolic drill

Onsrud Cutter's new drill is designed to cut carbon fiber or grapite epoxies.

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Onsrud Cutter (Libertyville, Ill.) has introduced a new diamond-coated parabolic drill designed for drilling carbon fiber and graphite epoxy materials. The new drill reportedly overcomes typical problems such as delaminating, flaking, and splintering encountered while drilling composite materials. The drill also is said to cost less than comparable PCD-tipped drills. The drill's parabolic flute design evacuates a large volume of chips while the multilayer, nanocrystalline coating (6 microns thick) is resistant to wear and abrasion. The drill's split point reportedly reduces thrust and improves centering; secondary point angles create a self-seating, reaming action that directs chips away from the inner hole wall.