Despatch Industries installs micro-scale carbon fiber line at Australia's Deakin University

The first installation of the $1.5-million R&D-scale Despatch CFR Series equipment allows users to test fibers and processes, producing material of the same quality as that manufactured on a full-scale production line.

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Despatch Industries (Minneapolis, Minn.) announced that the first installation of its news Despatch CFR Series, a complete carbon fiber production line in a micro-scale package, is now in place at Australia's Deakin University. The university, which has campuses in the cities of Geelong, Melbourne and Warrnambool in Victoria, Australia, financed the equipment acquisition with help from the Australian government.

This approximately $1.5-million R&D-scale line reportedly will allow users to run trials to evaluate and test fibers and processes with results of the same quality possible on a $10-million full-scale production line. The flexibility, functionality and size of the CFR reportedy make it an ideal solution for universities, laboratories, new market entrants and existing manufacturers, according to Despatch Industries' CTO Steve Atkiss. "We are aiming these units not at prepreg guys, as is typical, but to automotive, aerospace and university R&D facilities."

The CFR is available as a complete, continuous production line or as an independent subsystem. An integrated control system reportedly allows for accurate, centralized control of temperature and transport drive speeds, higher levels of automation, and increased flexibility of the production line. It included full data-logging and trending capabilities and enables the line to run at peak performance.

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