The aerospace tier-1 supplier has joined the Thermoplastic composites Research Center (TPRC) to advance thermoplastic technology and applications.

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DAHER (Paris, France), a tier-1 supplier to high-technology industries, and the ThermoPlastic composites Research Center (TPRC) in Enschede, The Netherlands have entered into a long term partnership to share and collaborate in the development of thermoplastic technologies for aerospace applications.

"We have been investing in thermoplastic composites research and development for many years, and we delivered several thousand thermoplastic composites parts in 2013 to five major aircraft programs," said Stéphane Mayer, president  and CEO of DAHER-SOCATA. "Today we are pleased to join the founding members of the TPRC - Boeing, Fokker, TenCate and the University of Twente - and we look forward to collaborate with all partners on innovative research programs."

DAHER-SOCATA, the aerospace and  defense division of DAHER, has consolidated both its status as a tier 1 equipment supplier and aircraft manufacturer in the aerospace industry. DAHER-SOCATA has created a range of products and services which combine its expertise in aircraft building and aerostructures manufacturing, as well as industrial and logistics services. All these activities are supported by expertise in cutting-edge technology.

Closely involved in the development and use of composite materials, DAHER-SOCATA is in particular a specialist in injection (RTM) and infusion (LRI) processes, thermoplastics, automated drape-forming and out-of-autoclave processes. DAHER-SOCATA is strongly committed to the development of thermoplastic composite aerostructures with a dedicated factory in Nantes (France) and a continued effort in research and technologies. DAHER-SOCATA has joined the TPRC to accelerate this development in a collaborative and international spirit.

TPRC is a not-for-profit organization that performs research under the guidance of its industrial members who share the goal of increasing the market for thermoplastic composites and who are able to define, together with their peers, which research is needed and how to translate the results into their products. Since the opening of its laboratory in 2012, TPRC has steadily grown its activities in aerospace and more recently in automotive as well. TPRC strives to cooperate with current and future leading companies and other organizations in the field of thermoplastic composites. "In that sense, DAHER is a perfect fit to TPRC; a company willing to cooperate, to provide expert guidance to the TPRC research program and to translate the research results into high performance, cost-effective applications in aerospace."

Thermoplastic composites are rapidly growing because they demonstrate good toughness and offer the potential for recycling. They also offer the opportunity for forming and welding at elevated temperatures, which make them suitable for high speed production techniques such as thermoform pressing and novel joining techniques such as ultrasonic and induction welding.