CW Tech Days webinar explores composites in the hydrogen economy

Two-day webinar series presented by Gardner Business Media May 18 and 25 features a range of experts that will examine emerging hydrogen demand and the role composites will serve in this space.


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CW Tech Days: Hydrogen.

Photo Credit: CW

The emerging hydrogen economy is picking up speed, and the potential opportunities for composites is substantial. Presented by Gardner Business Media, “CW Tech Days: Composites in the Hydrogen Economy” is a two-day webinar series taking place May 18 and 25 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., featuring experts that will discuss the emerging hydrogen economy and the opportunities for composites in this lucrative space. Topics will examine the demand for hydrogen as an energy source, the role composites can play in the transport and storage of hydrogen, as well as opportunities for hydrogen in certain geographic regions.

Live sessions currently include:

  • “Optimized Digital Designs to Improve Weight Storage in Hydrogen Tanks” — Dávid Migács, CIKONI GmbH (Stuttgart, Germany).
  • “3D Winding Technology to Improve Efficiency in Making Hydrogen Storage Tanks” —  Luke Vardy, Cygnet Texkimp (Northwich, U.K.).
  • “Fiber Patch Placement to Improve Efficiency in Domes of Hydrogen Storage Tanks” — Dimitrios Sikoutris and Thorsten GroeneCevotec GmbH (Unterhaching, Germany).
  • “Conformable High-Pressure Storage Tanks - Latest Developments and Outlook” — Chris Kondogiani, CEO, Noble Gas Systems (Novi, Mich., U.S.).
  • Kelley Owen, COO, PowerTap Hydrogen (Irvine, Calif., U.S.).

Registration is $95.00 for both sessions. If you can’t make them live, you can watch them on-demand on CW’s website.

Register here.