CRTC makes park benches from recycled aerospace carbon fiber

The Composite Recycling Technology Center is now taking orders for the world’s first park bench made from recycled aerospace grade carbon fiber.


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The Composite Recycling Technology Center (Port Angeles, WA, US) announced March 12 it is now taking orders for the world’s first park bench made from recycled aerospace grade carbon fiber. These benches are light and extremely strong. They do not rot, are impervious to insect damage, are easy to clean and will look great year after year, even in tough marine environments that degrade other outdoor seating.

The benches’ durability makes them an outstanding value for public agencies looking for much longer replacement cycles for benches in parks, at transit stops, or other outdoor and indoor public areas.

The City of Port Angeles Washington will be the first to purchase these benches to replace all of its wooden benches in public parks, through a new Adopt-A-Bench program to defray costs. Each bench has a unique ceramic plaque built into the back that can display color and graphics, making it a great outreach tool for local businesses that want to use a bench for advertisement. The plaque will also serve as a great way to memorialize a loved one or to recognize a community hero.

“We are very excited about the Adopt-A-Bench program and are delighted with the CRTC bench,” says Corey Delikat, parks and recreation director for the city of Port Angeles. “It is a beautiful and functional piece of art that is going to look great in all of our parks and recreation areas.”

The innovative benches were designed by Robert Stokes, who served as the consulting designer and artist on the project.

“Carbon fiber is such an outstanding material and makes the bench so strong and light. We really believe this has the opportunity to revolutionize the parks and recreation space,” says David Walter, CEO of the CRTC. “Using recycled, aerospace-grade carbon fiber doubles the benefit for the environment.”

Those interested in purchasing a bench or learning more about the offering can visit the CRTC’s website at www.compositerecycling.org/bench. The MSRP is $4,500 per bench, with volume discounts available.

Those interested in the Adopt-A-Bench program with the City of Port Angeles can contact the City at 360-417-4523 or at parksandrecreation@cityofpa.us.


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