Could carbon fiber sunglasses become a ‘hot’ holiday gift?

Grafton Industries has created what they call world's first vacuum pressed, completely hollow core, full carbon fiber, lightweight sunglasses featuring polarized optics.

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There’s a potential holiday gift-giving opportunity for the composites professional in your life: carbon fiber sunglasses. Created by UK-based Grafton Industries, a lifestyle/sports products company, the Grafton P1 Polarized Optics are made entirely out of vacuum pressed carbon fiber, based on a hollow core design. The company created these sunglasses as it believed the sunglasses industry was due for some innovation. It is currently funding on Kickstarter.

“One company owns nearly 90% of the sunglasses market and has slowed innovation and price fixed eyewear,” the company wrote. “Grafton is changing this by completely re-engineering classic styles, using state-of-the-art materials, and cutting out the middle man.”

Instead of using injection molding or thick flat sheet CNC milling of the sunglasses frames and arms, the company wanted to utilize a hollow-core, stressed-skin design that is used in high performance jet aircraft and Formula 1 chassis. The company hand layups each pair of sunglasses and each layup is slightly different. This means at the micro level, no two pairs of sunglasses are the same.