Correction: January 2014 HPC

Corrections to two errors from the November 2013 of HPC.

In the November 2013 issue of HPC, an alert reader spotted conversions errors. HPC’s editors performed absolute temperature conversions where relative temperature differences were under discussion. In the article titled “Ceramic-matrix composites heat up,” on p. 40, in the third column, last full paragraph, the story states the following:

“In jet engine propulsion history, the average rate of technology progress for turbine engine material temperature capability has increased 50°F/10°C per decade, according to GE. However, with the introduction of CMCs, GE believes it will increase material temperature capability by 150°F/66°C in this decade alone.”

The correct conversions should have been 50°F/28°C. and 150°F/83°C.

In our Focus on Design feature, “Compression molding mass out of aircraft interiors,” the incorrect conversion occurred p. 56, third column, first paragraph, second sentence:

“Some thermoplastics require temperatures as much as 100°F/38°C hotter than others, which adds time to the heating cycle.”

The correct conversion here should have been 100°F/56°C.

HPC’s editors regret the errors.