Conductive Composites expands in Utah

Conductive Composites has doubled its R&D and administration space, tripled production capacity, and installed an additional nickel-coated carbon fiber line.

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Conductive Composites Co. (Heber City, Utah, USA) announced on June 29 the completion of several significant milestones to ensure the company has production capacity as well as research and development infrastructure to diversify the business and support customer demand in new markets:

  • Relocation of the company headquarters to a new 10,000 ft2/929m2 newly expanded and refurbished facility that features twice the research and development space and twice the more administrative space.
  • The expansion and tripling of production capacity in Green River, Utah, including the installation of an additional nickel-coated carbon fiber line.
  • The purchase of a future production site in Huntington, Utah, to support capacity expansion in nickel-coated carbon fibers, as well as production expansion in nonwovens and nanostrands.

“We are pleased to announce the most significant production and facility expansion in company history,” said Nathan Hansen, president. “Our new manufacturing, R&D, and administrative improvements support Conductive Composites’ objectives to expand from an R&D focused company developing innovative conductive products to being a premier supplier that can support the widespread integration of our materials. The purchase of additional facilities and equipment is part of the company's ongoing strategy to meet the demands of rapidly developing market conditions. This reinforces our commitment to meeting customer requirements, and these major milestones enhance that commitment.”

George Hansen, chief technology officer and company co-founder, said, “The technology that we can incorporate into this new equipment will greatly increase capacity and lead to improvements in product quality. Our customers will enjoy the benefits of a stronger supply chain and materials with better performance characteristics than were previously available.”

Conductive Composites was founded in 1995, with the objective of providing advanced material solutions that bridge the macro, micro and nano scale worlds. The unique nature of company-developed technologies provides the ability to create highly electrically conductive products in numerous forms that include nickel-coated carbon fibers, fabrics, powders, non-wovens, and nanomaterials as part of a portfolio of materials offered to target electrical and electromagnetic performance in otherwise non-conductive materials.