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Composites One launches Closed Molding Knowledge Center

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Distributor and closed molding specialist Composites One has launched its Closed Molding Knowledge Center at CompositesWorld site.


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Composites distributor Composites One (Arlington Heights, Ill., USA) has launched on the CompositesWorld website the Closed Molding Knowledge Center, designed to help composites professionals understand, develop and implement closed molding processes to increase production effeciency and quality.

The Closed Molding Knowledge Center includes information about the use and application of reusable bag molding (closed cavity and silicone), the vacuum infusion process (VIP) and light resin transfer molding (LRTM). Each process is explained in depth and accompanied by pertinent videos that demonstrate function and capabilities.

Also featured is information about tooling for closed molding, products used in various parts of closed molding processes, videos of closed molding processes in action, a description of the Closed Mold University and information on the Closed Mold Roadmap.

Finally, the Closed Molding Knowledge Center offers an Ask the Expert feature that allows the user to pose relevant questions to Composites One closed molding specialists. The company promises a response to all queries within 48 hours.

Visit www.compositesworld.com/knowledgecenter/closed-molding for more information and to explore the Closed Molding Knowledge Center.


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