Composite Recycling Technology Center launches recycled carbon fiber sports bench

The bench, launched with the remodel of a Washington-based aquatic center, is said to be durable and easy to clean for sports and aquatic facilities.


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carbon fiber composite sports bench
Photo Credit: CRTC

The Composite Recycling Technology Center (CRTC, Port Angeles, Wash., U.S.) announced on Nov. 19 the launch of the Trident Bench, which it claims is the world’s first sports bench made with recycled, aerospace-grade carbon fiber.

The bench was launched as part of a $20 million remodel project that was done by the Shore Aquatic Center (SAC) in Port Angeles, Wash. According to the CRTC, the SAC purchased more than 400 lineal feet of the Trident Bench product for seating in the facility’s pool area and locker rooms.

recycled carbon fiber composite sports bench
Photo Credit: CRTC

“The CRTC did a superb job of listening to our needs, and designed and developed a bench that perfectly fit our aquatic center,” says Steven Burke, executive director of the Shore Aquatic Center. “The carbon fiber is extremely strong and will never rot or degrade. This bench is still going to look great 10 years from more. The CRTC team was also super easy to work with, and the installation was trouble-free.”

“We were honored to be selected by the Shore Aquatic Center to be a part of this amazing remodel project,” says David Walter, CEO of the CRTC. “It was a fantastic project, and we are extremely excited about launching the Trident Bench, as we believe it will be a great fit for other sports complexes and aquatic centers. Our CarbonCoat thermally fused polymeric coating provides the Center with a highly durable finish even in a chlorine environment. The nonporous surface is also really easy to clean, which was very important to the Center, as they adhere to rigorous wipe-down procedures in light of the COVID virus.” 


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