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9/2/2014 | 2 MINUTE READ

Composite Panel Building Systems launches new composite sheathing

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The insulated sheathing panel is energy-efficient and prevents thermal bridging and speeds construction.


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Composite Panel Building Systems (CPBS, Corpus Christi, Texas, USA) announced on August 25 the launch of a new, eco-friendly, fully composite sheathing for new construction and retrofitted homes and apartments. The Composite Structural Insulated Sheathing (C-SIS) is the most energy efficient sheathing in the industry using cutting-edge building technology that dramatically improves building strength and air quality while earning Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) points and National Association of Home Buildings (NAHB) green certification.

The 5-in-1 performance of C-SIS yields low energy bills, meets 2012 energy codes and generates a long term return on investment by providing continuous insulation, enhanced structural performance, water resistive barrier, air tight building envelope and vapor retarder.

C-SIS is made with 100 percent composite materials and manufactured without adhesives; the fiberglass-reinforced thermoset polymer skin is bonded by a chemical reaction to the polyurethane foam insulation during manufacturing so the risk of delamination is eliminated. The FRP skin yields a stronger, long-term sustainable skin that is impervious to moisture and mold damage. Working together, the skin and joint sealing system block air infiltration; no house wrap is needed.

Many house wraps and water resistant barriers suffer damage during installation or fail to prevent water intrusion before finish materials are applied. House wraps tear easily and the typical woven structure adds to project waste and cost by the rework required to patch damaged areas. Similar damage to laminated sheathing is much more complicated and expensive to repair or, more likely, replace, and critically affects the structural reliability of the wall system. The C-SIS' durable polymer skin is impervious to water and engineered to withstand the rigors of the construction process without losing performance value.

The continuous polyurethane foam adds R-6 insulation in 1-1/8" sheathing, R-12 in 2-1/8" sheathing, and eliminates thermal bridging through wood or metal studs. (Thermal bridging is the conduction of heat and cold through materials such as wood or metal studs, which leads to significant energy loss.) The C-SIS attaches directly to the wall frame and isolates framing members from thermal bridging with polyurethane foam. Thermal loss through the C-SIS joints is significantly reduced with the use of the incorporated joint sealing system.

CPBS has teamed with major materials manufacturing companies including 3M and Screw Products to produce an integrated accessory system that drives additional energy savings. These innovative accessories for the tight sealing of the joints, fastening and flashing measurably increase the long-term sustainable air and water barrier capabilities of the entire C-SIS System.

"Everything architects and builders need in a sheathing product, the C-SIS System delivers and allows the process to be streamlined, speeding construction time, saving labor costs while increasing building performance," said a CPBS spokesperson. Additionally, CPBS offers property owners who want to upgrade their building's energy efficiency the Exterior Energy Retrofit, which consists of new insulation in the wall, upgraded, high performance composite framed windows and doors, an optimized HVAC system design and the C-SIS Sheathing System, finished with stucco or siding.

The C-SIS System finishes easily with all traditional exterior finishes, and CPBS has teamed with Stuc-O-Flex International to offer the C-SIS Stucco System – a combination of CPBS' C-SIS System with a stucco finish. For more information on all of CPBS' innovative building products, visit www.cpbsco.com (http://www.cpbsco.com/).