Composite deckhouses cut weight, noise in wind farm service boats

Holland Composites produces CFRP deckhouses for Windcat wind farm service vessels


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Holland Composites build composite deckhouses for Windcat Workboats

Vattenfall has signed a contract with Windcat Workboats for the provision of crew transfer vessels (CTVs) for the Hollandse Kust Zuid 1&2 offshore wind farm in the Dutch North Sea. SOURCE | Windcat Workboats

Holland Composites (Lelystad, Netherlands) is well known in the maritime offshore sector, having produced composite sonar domes for large frigate vessels. The company is now making composite deckhouses for Windcat Workboats. Composite are lightweight, strong and do not corrode: perfect characteristics for use in the offshore world.

Compared to steel, a composite deckhouse saves many thousands of kilograms. This not only reduces the top weight of the boat considerably but offers other major advantages:

  • Fuel savings
  • Greater stability
  • Increased comfort
  • Reduced risk of seasickness.

Because composites are also very sound absorbent, the environment inside in the cabin is much quieter and thus more comfortable for passengers. Another major maintenance time and cost saving advantage is the fact that composite deckhouses are corrosion free. However, should a repair become necessary, it no longer requires welding, eliminating any risk of fire or even explosion due to welding spark. It is also no longer necessary to shut down a ship or take it to a maintenance dock to achieve such repairs.

Holland Composites builds composite deckhouse for Windcat Workbo

SOURCE | Holland Composites

Windcat Workboat customers are very pleased with the composite deckhouses used on their service vessels. “The comfort, speed and fuel consumption of these boats is really amazing, and I often hear from passengers that we have the best boat compared to all other crewtender boats,” says Captain Matthias Schelenz. “Our customers love the comfort, the modern look and the silence in our passenger area.”

By using composite elements instead of traditional metals, boat owners and shipping companies save fuel and maintenance costs, reducing annual operating costs and achieving a fast payback on investment.

For more details, contact Holland Composites info@hollandcomposites.nl.