CMH-17 offers tutorials on certification and statistics for composite aircraft

The National Center for Advanced Materials Performance (NCAMP) is offering two tutorials, one on certification and the other on statistical analysis, both on July 19 in Costa Mesa, Calif.

Composite Materials Handbook 17, with the participation of the National Center for Advanced Materials Performance (NCAMP, Wichita, Kan., USA), is offering tutorials on 'Certification of Composite Aircraft" and "Statistical Analysis Requirements Used to Confirm Acceptability" in Costa Mesa, Calif., USA, on July 19. These two tutorials are offered in conjunction with a meeting that will be held during the remainder of the week. Payment of tuition qualifies attendees to participate in the subsequent meeting.

The tutorials involve industry experts and offer an opportunity for discussing issues related to certification and statistics. Lecturers include:

  • Yeow Ng, Associate Director of NCAMP
  • Beth Clarkson, NCAMP Statistician
  • Larry Ilcewicz, FAA, Chief Scientific and Technical Advisor for Composites
  • Simon Waite, EASA, Materials/Structures Specialist, Certification Directorate
  • Hank Offermann, former FAA Engineer with expertise in certification of composite aircraft
  • Charles Seaton, Industry Representative and Principal Investigator for FAA composite materials education

Registration instructions and additional details are available on the meeting website.

NCAMP is a permanent national center within Wichita State Universityís National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR). NCAMP and NIAR provide material basis values and supporting data to the Composite Materials Handbook 17, or CMH-17 (formerly known as MIL-HDBK-17). This organizational partnership is intended to provide the standardization of engineering data development methodologies related to testing, data reduction, and data reporting of property data for current and emerging composite materials. The upcoming CMH-17 revision G datasets are designed to meet the rigors of U.S. government requirements for commercial and military aircraft structures. NCAMP uses the latest CMH-17 guidelines and statistical analysis tools to generate basis values. Revision G updates to the data utilization guidelines in CMH-17, Volume 3 include a new chapter on composite aircraft certification and compliance to support other chapters on the technical issues important to composite applications.

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