Chinese prepreg maker joins forces with U.K. technology firm

U.K.-based Red Composites has partnered with Weihai Guang Wei Composites to help the Chinese firm enhance its carbon fiber prepreg capabilities.

Weihai Guang Wei Composites Co. Ltd. (Wei Hai City, China) announced on Feb. 28 that it has signed commercial and technical co-operative agreements with Red Composites (Isle of Wight, U.K.). These agreements will enhance Guang Wei Composites’ operational capability and accelerate its commercial presence in marine, transportation and renewable energy markets.

Guang Wei Composites produces about 10 million m²/107.6 million ft² of carbon fiber prepreg per year, with more than 1,000 employees on a 140,000 m²/1.5 million ft² site in Wei Hai City, Shandong. With in-house weaving and Liba Max5 carbon multiaxial manufacturing capability, the company says it is well-positioned to exploit its integrated operational structure. Prepregs are produced with an extensive range of unidirectional and multidirectional structural reinforcements, impregnated with advanced resin matrix systems. All matrix systems are manufactured internally to deliver optimum cost and performance to serve toughened, high-temperature or fire retardant service environments.

Red Composites is based in the U.K. and in mainland China (Shandong). With experience in prepreg manufacturing and composite material development, Red Composites will provide operational support, European management consultancy and a western facet to Guang Wei Composites. With focus on bespoke marine prepreg packages, fire retardant materials, and industrial grade prepregs for the wind energy market, Red Composites will also provide a European contact point for Guang Wei Composites’ customers outside of China.

Commenting on the agreements, Xia Xiangxin, general manager, Guang Wei Composites, remarked, "We at Guang Wei are very pleased to make cooperative agreements with Red Composites. With increased implementation of Western management practices together with improved external communications, we will be enhancing both our operational capability and commercial reach into global composite markets."