Joint venture to develop graphene-enhanced thermoplastic composites

XG Sciences, Sinochem Plastics, Yuyao PGS New Material Technology partner on advanced composites for automotive and industrial applications in China.


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XG Sciences Inc. (XGS; Lansing, Mich., U.S.) has announced that it will participate in developing advanced composites in China based on its xGnP graphene nanoplatelets. The memorandum of agreement creates the Graphene Applications Development Center (GADC), a joint venture company between Sinochem Plastics Co. Ltd. (Sinochem; Beijing, China) and Yuyao PGS New Material Technology Co. Ltd. (PGS; Yuyao City, China). The parties have partnered to bring new graphene-enhanced anti-corrosion coatings to industrial and marine applications.

The GADC will develop graphene-enhanced thermoplastic composites, exclusively leveraging graphene nanoplatelets produced by XGS. The companies target a range of thermoplastic materials and end-use markets including automotive, industrial and consumer items such a clothing.  Products resulting from the collaboration will be manufactured and sold in China through Sinochem and PGS.

“We are pleased to be able to partner with Sinochem and PGS to further leverage the performance of our materials in new advanced composite applications,” says Dr. Philip Rose, CEO of XG Sciences. “This activity further supports the value of our product offering on the international stage and allows XGS to strengthen our relationship with both Sinochem and PGS and leverage their market reach for our products in the important China market.”

“We have been supporting XGS in the China market since 2015,” says Dr. Shi Yan, president of Yuyao PGS New Material Technology Co. Ltd., “and we are excited to now combine our efforts with Sinochem Plastics under the Graphene Applications Development Center umbrella to create a new platform of materials.”

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