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8/8/2016 | 1 MINUTE READ

CGTech places VERICUT software on BA Composites machine

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BA Composites' STAXX Compact fiber placement machining center will use VERICUT Composites Application for machine-independent programming and simulation.

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CGTech (Irvine, California) and BA Composites (Grenzach-Wyhlen, Germany) announced a collaboration in which CGTech's VERICUT Composites Application for machine-independent programming and simulation will be featured on BA Composites' standalone fiber placement machining center, the STAXX Compact.

"There is a clear need for machine-independent programming software, which is regularly updated and maintained as part of their standard software by a recognized software provider," said Hans Erkelenz, CEO of CGTech Germany GmbH.

The VERICUT Composite Application suite is machine-independent off-line programming and simulation socware for CNC composites fabrication machinery. It provides tools for composite part designers, mechanical engineers, process engineers, NC programmers, and manufacturing engineers.

VERICUT Composite Programming (VCP) reads CAD surfaces and ply boundary information and adds material to fill the plies according to user-specified manufacturing standards and requirements. Layup paths are then linked together to form specific layup sequences and output as NC programs for the automated layup machine.

VERICUT Composite Simulation (VCS) reads CAD models and NC programs, either from VCP or other composite layup path-generation applications, and simulates the sequence of NC programs on a virtual machine. Material is applied to the layup form via NC program instructions in a virtual CNC simulation environment. The simulated material applied to the form can be measured and inspected to ensure the NC program follows manufacturing standards and requirements. 

BA Composites is a subsidiary of Broetje-Automation GmbH and manufactures machinery and systems for the production of composite components, with emphasis on fiber placement and tape laying machines. The STAXX Compact machine offers automated fiber placement capability in an enclosed machinery space (like a traditional CNC machining system), with fiber delivered from spools located in cabinets on either side of the enclosure.