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4/27/2015 | 1 MINUTE READ

CFK-Valley Stade Convention 2015 begins next week

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The 9th International CFK-Valley Stade Convention, June 16-17 in Stade, Germany, will emphasize application of carbon fiber composites in a variety of end markets and products.

The 9th International CFK-Valley Stade Convention, June 16-17, 2015, in Stade, Germany, has released the program for this year's event, titled "Industry 4.0 for Composites." Official Partner Country Belgium presents its own lecture session in collaboration with Agoria, the largest sectoral employers’ federation in Belgium.

Approximately 20 lectures will be given by experts from business, institutes and networks. Keynote speakers are:

  • Eva Brockhaus, National Contact Point for Materials (for EU-Program "Horizon 2020") at Project Management Jülich (Jülich)
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Berend Denkena, head of the Institute of Production Engineering and Machine Tools - Leibniz Universität Hannover (Hanover, Germany)

The English-language program is thematically clustered into four sessions and focuses on the following topics:

June 16, 2015: Agile Production

  • Wilhelm Rupertsberger, Fill Gesellschaft mbH (Gurten, Austria), "The 4 x 4 Strategy in the Automation of Processes for Composite Processing"
  • Dr. Yves-Simon Gloy, adjunct professor (Clemson University), RWTH Aachen University - ITA (Aachen, Germany), "Industry 4.0 - A (R)evolution for the Automated Composites Manufacturing?"

June 16, 2015: Efficient Production

  • Uwe Lang, Evonik Industries AG (Darmstadt, Germany), "Efficent Core Production for Low Cost and Integral Automotive Structures"
  • Dr. Johannes Treiber, Coriolis Composites GmbH (Augsburg, Germany), "Automated Manufacturing for Mass Production and Low-Cost Materials - Latest Works from Coriolis Composites"

June 16, 2015: Self-Enhancing Composite Processes

  • Dr. John Klintworth, Dassault Systemes UK Limited (Surrey, UK), "Revolutionizing Lightweight Composites Development Through Integrated Simulation, Manufacturing and Test"
  • Dr. Christian Weimer, AIRBUS Group Innovations (Taufkirchen, Germany), "AFP-In-Process-QA – A Key Enabler for Digitalized CFRP Manufacturing"

Belgium is the official Partner Country of this year’s Convention and will present its own session of the program:

  • Dr. Eli Voet, Com&Sens bvba (Zwijnaarde, Belgium), “Can a Dream of Self-Sensing Composite Material Become Reality? Current and Future Possibilities for Embedded Fibre Optic Sensing"
  • Delphine Carrella, Siemens Industry Software NV (Leuven, Belgium), "Addressing the Design Challenges in Composite Product Development and Manufacturing“

New at this year's Convention is a Matchmaking Event, which offers business contacts to industry, science and carbon composite professionals who are looking for potential partners. 

Click here for more about the Convention or to register.


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