CDI, Red Composites launch prepreg integration operation

Century Design Inc. and Red Composites are launching Total Integration Program (TIP) for the design and implementation of a prepreg manufacturing line.

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CDI (Century Design Inc., San Diego, Calif., USA), a supplier of prepreg machines and specialist composite processing equipment, reports that it has teamed up with manufacturing process consultants Red Composites (Isle of Wight, U.K.) to launch Total Integration Program (TIP), a comprehensive program delivering the design, technology, processes and implementation for advanced composite material manufacturing facilities.

Primarily focused around prepreg manufacturing operations and related downstream activities, TIP is designed to deliver world-class composite material manufacturing solutions for the wind energy, industrial, sports, aerospace and transportation markets.

The new TIP program is based on 10 modules, each one focusing on a critical foundational element. These provide the detailed procedures, specifications, sources, training and auditing to ensure that the customers are fully capable and self-sufficient within each element of the prepreg capability implementation process.

Total integration program modules include:

  • Module 1: Strategic Discussion and Scope
  • Module 2: Facility Layout
  • Module 3: Operational Equipment
  • Module 4: QA Laboratory
  • Module 5: Knowledge Transfer and Documentation
  • Module 6: Operational Ancillaries and Tools
  • Module 7: Production Materials
  • Module 8: Installation and Commissioning
  • Module 9: Extended on-site Support
  • Module 10: Customer to Supply