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2/10/2014 | 1 MINUTE READ

Cato Composite Innovations, AMAC form strategic Partnership

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Germany-based AMAC, led by Michael Effing, will help market the high-volume, thermoplastics-based composites manufacturing capabilities of Netherlands-based Cato Composite Innovation.


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Cato Composite Innovations (Doesburg, The Netherlands), a manufacturer of thermoplastic composite components and parts, and Michael Effing, CEO and founder of AMAC (Advanced Materials Advisory & Consultancy, Aachen, Germany), announced on Feb. 10 the formation of a strategic partnership for global sales and marketing activities.

Effing who will be driving strategic sales and marketing for Cato, focusing on specific key accounts in various industries, including aerospace, automotive, electronics, protection, consumer products and sporting goods. 

Cato provides mass-manufactured, customized lightweight parts and components. Cycle times of less than 1 minute and a production capacity for product series varying from 1,000 to 1 million products/year are realized through the use of what is said to be superior thermoplastic composite materials and Cato’s proprietary processing technology. Cato’s technology includes automated thermoforming and compression molding, subsequent injection molding, manufacturing of sandwich components and automated 5-axis trimming technologies.

Joost van Lindert, co-founder and managing director of Cato with Mr. Peter Boer, explains: "We are delighted to announce Cato's cooperation with Dr. Michael Effing. We believe that Michael Effing, whose network and long-term experience in the composites industry are without comparison, will be an excellent bridge between our technology capacities and the end-customers. Over the last five years we have developed integrated production technology and have invested in people as well as in equipment for automated mass production capabilities. Our focus lies now on the market development. Early 2013, we started our initial and successful sales expansion through our cooperation with Mr. Michel Jansen, who is an experienced thermoplastic composites professional, especially with a proven track record in the area of self-reinforced composites. Together with Michael Effing, we now have a very strong team, fully dedicated to our global expansion."

Effing says, "The overall trend in the composite industry goes indeed more and more towards thermoplastics for the simple reason of mass production requirements such as cycle time and the need for robust, automated and reproducible processing. For example, in the consumer goods market, for applications such as housings for tablets, the integrated technics provides the capability to produce over 100,000 units per month, combining light weight, minimal thicknesses without loss of structural performance with other functional and aesthetic effects."

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