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Carbon Fibre Preforms enters composites market

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UK-based Carbon Fibre Preforms is focusing on the manufacture of preforms for tooling and high-temperature and fire applications. 


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Carbon Fibre Preforms (CFP, Solihull, UK) reports that it is entering the composite materials supply chain marketplace with a introduction of its zero-waste Rapid Output Controllable Composite Shapes (ROCCS) technology, designed to accelerate composites manufacturing and provide improved efficiencies compared to cost conventional technologies.

With ROCCS, thermoset, thermoplastic and specialty resin systems are combined with precision chopped carbon fibers to produce a 3D fiber structure with fibers randomly orientated in the X, Y and Z directions. CFP’s products 360 and FR.10 are available in flat sheet formats, with net shape materials also available.

The 360 product is a tooling/fixturing solution that low CTE (5.4) and temperature resistance of 300˚C in a single directly millable tooling material.  Available in thicknesses of 5-20 mm, 360 sheets are lightweight, reportedly easy to machine, and bond and block up into larger net surface areas.

The FR.10 material blends carbon fibers and a custom resin combination, targeted toward ultrahigh-temperature and fire applications. Available large format sheets (up to 1m by 1.4m) or as net shapes, FR.10 has been tested under load at 1200˚C for 4 hours without failure. It can be used for new applications or to upgrade or renew protection of existing structures. FR.10 is targeted toward industrial, civil engineering, mass transport, marine and offshore markets.