Carbon Fiber NOW registration is open

CompositesWorld’s annual Carbon Fiber conference, renamed Carbon Fiber NOW and moved completely online for 2020, has opened registration and posted the agenda for the event.


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Carbon Fiber NOW logo

Carbon Fiber NOW 2020. Photo Credit: CW

CompositesWorld’s annual Carbon Fiber conference, renamed Carbon Fiber NOW and moved completely online for 2020, has opened registration and posted the agenda for the event. Carbon Fiber NOW will be held Nov. 17-19, 2020.

Carbon Fiber NOW will provide an objective, comprehensive digital forum to discuss new developments for carbon fibers in emerging industrial markets, such as wind energy, marine and construction, as well as in traditional markets, such as aerospace and sporting goods.

Online discussions will focus on methods to streamline manufacturing costs in industrial and aerospace applications and the outlook for consumption in markets with significant potential for growth.

Carbon Fiber NOW includes a pre-conference seminar on Nov. 17, followed by two days of regular conference presentations on Nov. 18 and 19. Carbon Fiber NOW is also cooperating with Utah’s Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Initiative (UAMMI; Kaysville, Utah, U.S.) to present that organization’s annual Crosstalk conference.

The focus of the pre-conference seminar, titled “The End of the Beginning: The Carbon Fiber Market with COVID-19​” and presented by carbon fiber specialists Tony Roberts and Dan Pichler, will provide a comprehensive segment-by-segment market overview of the carbon fiber market covering yesterday, today and tomorrow, with particular emphasis on how the coronavirus pandemic is and will affect supply and demand of carbon fiber. The pre-conference seminar requires separate registration.

Presentations in the regular conference will include forecasts of composites use in aerospace applications, trends in aerostructures, an assessment of carbon fiber recycling, a review of composites in additive manufacturing, opportunities for thermoplastic composites, urban air mobility (UAM) challenges and the emergence of machine learning and automation in composites manufacturing.

In addition to live presentations, Carbon Fiber NOW will include several on-demand presentations. The line-up of on-demand content will be posted soon.

Companies giving live presentations include:

  • Bank of America
  • Charles Edwards
  • Spirit AeroSystems
  • ELG Carbon Fibre
  • R&M International
  • Plataine
  • Airborne
  • Oribi Manufacturing

For more information about Carbon Fiber NOW, to view the agenda, or to register, please visit www.carbonfiberevent.com.

Carbon Fiber NOW 2020 is sponsored by Harper International, ONEJOON, IACMI and UAMMI.


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