Carbon fiber hot rod sets new record

After breaking the land speed world record in September, Team Vesco’s Turbinator II has gone on to exceed 500 mph.


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On Oct. 2 at Bonneville Salt Flats, UT, US. Team Vesco’s Turbinator II recorded a 503 mph mark and averaged 493 mph in the measured mile.

In September the vehicle eclipsed the previous 458 mph World Record clocking a 482.646 mph certified National Record in T-3 Class during the World of Speed time trials hosted by the Utah Salt Flats Racing Association (USFRA). 

According to Kent Riches of Airtech (Vista, CA, US), the body of the vehicle is carbon fiber and was created using old school layup and vaccum bagging. The engine is powered by a Lycoming T3 turbine tuned by Advanced Turbine Services. A bespoke reduction gear case distributes horsepower to all four wheels simultaneously. 

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