Carbon Conversions, Dell partner on sustainability

Carbon Conversions and Dell explore new recycled carbon fiber material combination with Latitude 7300 laptop cover.
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recycled carbon fiber

Source | Dell

Carbon Conversions Inc. (CCI, Lake City, S.C., U.S.), a global leader in carbon fiber reclamation, has partnered with Dell (Round Rock, Texas, U.S.) to advance the company’s sustainability goals and, in the process, has enhanced the Dell Latitude brand premium design. Although Dell currently uses Carbon Conversions’ re-Evo brand of products, the joint mission was to discover a new technology that could be both cost effective and lightweight.

According to Meghana Patwardhan, vice president and general manager, Dell Latitude, the new process “[takes] non-woven carbon fiber fabric, and instead of making parts out of it, puts it in the middle of woven carbon fiber fabric.” The new material combination is said to be more cost-effective, lighter and more durable. The Latitude 7300 AE LCD cover is made from the new material combination, bringing its recycled content to 18% and reducing its weight by 24 grams.

Keith Graham, Vice President of Business Development at Carbon Conversions, says, “Benchmarking started more than three years ago. When combined with Dell’s strict requirements, this advanced composite material elevated Carbon Conversions, our product and process development to new levels.”

Carbon Conversions CEO Mark Mauhar says, “Dell’s marketing efforts are also urging their direct competitors to follow their lead in the use of reclaimed carbon fiber and other sustainable materials to do right by the environment we all share.”