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12/9/2016 | 1 MINUTE READ

Carbon concrete researchers awarded President of Germany’s German Future Prize 

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The Federal President's Award for Technology and Innovation is one of the most important scientific prizes in Germany.


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Related Suppliers

Carbon concrete composite researchers professors Manfred Curbach, Chokri Cherif and Peter Offermann from TU Dresden University were awarded the President of Germany’s German Future Prize for their research into the carbon concrete composite (C³ project). The C³ project is led by TU Dresden and includes more than 150 companies and research institutes working on innovation carbon concrete composite.

Carbon concrete composite seeks to revolutionize the construction industry and enable resource-friendly, slender construction in the future. Toho Tenax Europe GmbH (Wuppertal, Germany) claims that the first projects have already been realized successfully with Tenax carbon fiber.

“Toho Tenax is one of the world’s market leaders for carbon fibers and the leading provider for construction in Germany,” the company stated. “We look forward to a future in which safe, slender and intelligent construction go hand in hand. Toho Tenax is proud to be able to contribute to this revolutionary technology with our high-performance carbon fiber Tenax.”

Carbon concrete composite is an economical and resource-friendly alternative to standard reinforced concrete: as carbon does not rust, carbon concrete composite structures have a much longer life expectancy. The maintenance required during this time is practically zero.

In addition, walls made from carbon concrete composite can be much thinner, i.e. a slimmer construction is possible. Up to 80% of the concrete volume could be saved in this way in the future.