Cannon Group launches high-speed process for automotive composites

Carbon fiber/epoxy work cell in Europe is producing parts for a passenger cell on a 2013 passenger vehicle.

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Cannon USA (Cranberry Township, N.J., USA) reports that it has developed a work cell for the manufacture of carbon fiber/epoxy automotive parts at relatively high production volumes.

Craig Woolheater, product manager at Cannon, says the cell is being used in Europe to manufacture the passenger cage of a 2013 passenger vehicle. The cell focuses on the robotic dispensation of the epoxy resin onto a dry carbon fiber fabric. The fabric and resin are then cured in a heated 1000-metric-tonne press.

Woolheater says the system offers a 5-minute part-to-part cycle time, with minimal labor interaction and high levels of automation. The drawing at left shows how the cell is organized.