Bosch venture division invests in Arris, opening new market opportunities

Arris plans to expand its high-performance, high-volume Additive Molding technology to new industries and regions.


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Arris (Berkeley, Calif., U.S.), developer of Additive Molding technology for the production of high-performance composites in mass-market products, has announced the strategic investment of Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH (RBVC, Stuttgart and Frankfurt, Germany). The Bosch Group’s venture division RBVC joins New Enterprise Associates, Taiwania Capital, Valo Ventures, and Alumni Venture Group as investors in Arris.

Arris’ flagship technology, Additive Molding, is a high-speed manufacturing process that enables precise alignment of continuous carbon fibers and embedding of electronic components and multifunctional materials into a single topologically optimized part or component. Arris says this process is a cost-effective method for manufacturing lighter, stronger, faster and more intelligent products at scale.

RBVC’s strategic investment gives Bosch — which specializes in high-performance mass-market products in automotive, industrial and consumer goods — early access to new product design and manufacturing possibilities for its product portfolio. Arris says it will also draw on Bosch’s industry-spanning expertise to identify applications where its manufacturing capabilities may unlock new commercial advantages.  

“Arris is the first company with the capability to mass-produce complex high-performance composites,” says Ingo Ramesohl, managing director of RBVC. “This is an important development for manufacturing. Arris’ scalable manufacturing and high-performance materials enable new design possibilities for future products across industries.”

“We're excited to add Bosch through its venture arm, RBVC, a world-class manufacturing leader of highly engineered products, as a strategic investor,” says Ethan Escowitz, CEO of Arris. “We recently opened Arris Taiwan to support our consumer electronics growth. Now we’re looking forward to leveraging Bosch's extensive manufacturing and engineering expertise in automotive, industrial, and consumer goods as we expand in Europe and around the world.”


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