Boeing says 787 on track despite delam repairs

Boeing CEO Jim McNerney says Boeing still expects to make 10 787 Dreamliners per month by the end of next year, despite discovery of improper shimming on the plane that could lead to delamination of composite structures in the fuselage.

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Reuters reported on Feb. 8 that a new problem on The Boeing Co.'s (Everett, Wash., USA) 787 Dreamliner will not disrupt the company's plan to boost production rates. Speaking at an aerospace conference, Boeing CEO Jim McNerney stood by the company's goal to make 10 Dreamliners per month by the end of next year.

McNerney's comment follows discovery of incorrect shimming on a composite support structure on the aft fuselage. Boeing has said all 787s will be inspected for the condition.

"We do not expect the issue that surfaced earlier this week on the aft fuselage shims to affect our rate ramp-up plans," McNerney said on a webcast of the conference. "We've already addressed the issue in production, and it's a standard repair procedure for any existing airplanes that might be affected."

The latest problem resulted from a manufacturing flaw at a Boeing plant in South Carolina. 

McNerney also said demand for Boeing's 737 narrowbody is robust, especially for the upcoming 737 MAX, which will feature a more fuel-efficient engine. The plane is set to enter service in 2017.

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