Boeing 787 surge line will now produce 777X jet

The Seattle Times reports that the first 777X will go down that new line in 2018.

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Boeing plans to shut down the extra assembly line in Everett, WA, US that is currently used to build 787 Dreamliners and convert it for the production of the 777X jet, the Seattle Times reports.

The surge line’s last 787 will begin final assembly in October and will roll out of the factory at the end of the year. The company says this move will allow the 777X to go forward with production planning. Once the surge line is cleared out, the assembly bay will become the base for the initial production of the 777x. The first 777x will go down that new line in 2018, according to Seattle Times.

The wings will be fabricated with carbon fiber composites, similar to the wings on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

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